Mathew Kim is a producer and film director based in New York City. His inspiration seized him when he was fourteen and saw Raging Bull. Scorsese’s film filled Mathew with such admiration that it became immediately clear that he would never be happy doing anything other than making films. Mathew sees a film as an organic totality whose elements are interrelated, and must echo and reinforce each other. For Mathew, film gathers the broad experiences of life into an artistic coherence: combining visuals and narrative to cultivate new feelings, experiences, moods. 

Mathew studied film at SVA in New York City, and has worked in film, TV and print production in New York and LA for more than fifteen years. Completely in his element, Mathew’s familiarity with the inner workings of a film set has merged with his creative passion, and Emilie is his first short narrative film. He is also working on the upcoming features Heaven’s Messenger and Bittersweet, based on a screenplay he wrote.


For the past 20+ years, Jonathan has provided creative direction expertise to a wide range of global brands as a Design Director and Creative Director. Aside from his background and experience in design is his passion for the transformative power of the moving image. As a union set dresser/ propmaster, he has had the fortunate opportunity of working with the likes of Michel Gondry on Be Kind Rewind, Jim Jarmusch on Broken Flowers and on The Departed directed by Martin Scorsese.

Jonathan is behind Analogous Films and supports the work of up and coming filmmakers.


Since the days of hi-tech VHS cameras, Shawn Regruto has been making films about the shenanigans of his friends growing up in New York City. At some point in the intervening years, he starting getting paid for it. Now, through his production company, Dirty Work, the escapades and stories of all shapes and sizes continue to be brought to life.

Some successes include: feature film, Point&Shoot (Tribeca Film Festival selection); web series, Club Chrissie (produced by Pharrell Williams); art installation, Sleeping Beauties; and numerous commercials, documentaries, and shorts like Meaning Of Robots (Sundance selection). 

Regruto is a passionate supporter and mentor of new writers, filmmakers, and content through his storytelling collective WritersGroupNY.


Jordan T. Parrott is an award winning Cinematographer and graduate of Emerson College’s Film Program.

Making movies came later in life for Jordan, he changed majors while at Emerson College, switching into the prestigious film program after watching Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West. He is a prolific narrative and commercial Director of Photography, having shot over 20 short films that have played at film festivals worldwide. A recent short film, Tom in America, has earned him recognition for the Indie Soul Best Cinematography Award at the Boston International Film Festival – the film starred Academy Award-nominees Burt Young (Rocky) and Sally Kirkland (JFK, Anna).


Jimena is a Production Designer, constantly exploring multiple art disciplines with an ability to work across many cultures. She has expanded her professional prospects in NYC, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Lima, gathering experience through a broad range of Film, TV, Theatre, and Commercial Productions. Currently based in NYC, she is a highly motivated member for any art project, always adding value with a unique talent for curating every possible detail. Jimena Is passionate about the thought process of making spaces that enhance characters, taking advantage of her bachelor´s in Interior Architecture Design to do so.


Eric is a feature film editor and sound designer based in New York City. His most recent project Emelie premiered at Tribeca 2015 and will be released in theaters early next year.


Brothers Brooke and Will Blair have been learning to get along by making music together since they were small children. As long time collaborators with director Jeremy Saulnier, they first explored film music in scoring a series of Saulniers’ early short films followed by MURDER PARTY (2007), their first feature score, the Cannes/Sundance favorite BLUE RUIN (2014) and recently completed the score for GREEN ROOM, starring Patrick Stewart to be released in 2016. The Blairs are currently working with an exciting new class of directors including Rob Connolly, Logan Sandler, Mathew Kim, Stephanie Ellis, James Morrison and Nick Berardini whose controversial documentary exploring the Taser gun industry, KILLING THEM SAFELY, will be released courtesy of Sundance Selects, November of 2015.